There are similarities to the projects we provide estimates for. However, each project has it's own approach to calculate the work involved to provide you a price estimate.  Many times we can provide you a price-range with photos or videos sent to me via-text, e-mail or by glancing at your home on google street view.
If we are unable to view - we will come out to your location at no cost or obligation to you.  
You can text to 424.672.0381.  

For references of valued clients as yourself - Please visit our Yelp Page@

We will show up to anywhere that makes sense! 

     SUPERIOR HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING CO. is an industrial pressure cleaning company that is dedicated to                 excellence in everything we do.  What differentiates us from other pressure cleaning companies
 *   Our Industrial Adjustable-Pressure Cleaning System with a specialized boiler unit on every job.  
 *   Our experienced crew has a high level of integrity & energy in each job we complete! Our approach on each site is           Respect, Professionalism, Safety, Efficiency & an exact understanding of what we are here to accomplish!  
 *   Our pricing competes with “Equivalent Service” competitors. We have a “What Can We Do Extra Here” attitude. 
     Our  goal is to provide you ROI and an awesome experience that lasts much longer than the price you invested.
     Don’t get stuck with an Amateur because of price  – We are flexible - Call SUPERIOR HIGH PRESSURE CLEANING!
Estimates are easy and what to expect!   
Who We Are
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What  We Offer
   Reliable Industrial high-pressure cleaning services. 
*  We offer low-cost restoration solutions to your property      in-comparison to painting or replacing the application.  
*  What differentiates and separates us from our                    competitors is our equipment.  Most competitors only        have one pressure available. 
*   We have an Adjustable-Pressure Cleaning system.          This allows us to safely, efficiently and effectively              pressure clean a multitude of surfaces & applications        at the appropriate pressure.
*   We offer (if possible) “Day Before Your Call Service”        emergency clean ups, one time, monthly, quarterly &        annual service agreements. 
 We maintain your investment at a professional standard enhancing curb appeal and aesthetics to the property